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Sat, Jul
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Councillors get behind Mulranny in European competition


Anton McNulty

The village of Mulranny will represent Ireland in the prestigious annual Entente Florale Europe competition.
The west Mayo seaside village has been chosen to represent Ireland in the village section of the competition and will face competition from villages in eight other European countries. Entente Florale Europe is a competition organised by the European Association for Flowers and Landscape in order to promote a greener and more pleasant environment in European towns and villages.
Ann Moore of Mayo County Council informed members of the West Mayo Municipal District that the European judges are expected to visit Mulranny in July and they will be judged on different criteria. A public meeting will take place in the village on March 6 and Ms Moore said that it was important local groups attend.
She told councillors the funds will be required to showcase the village and urged them to think about allocating funding for this purpose.
“There is a great community spirit in Mulranny and this will be a great opportunity for everyone to work together over the next few months. The village will be inspired to achieve a gold medal in the competition,” she said.

Unanimous support
There was unanimous support from the seven councillors to support the community in anyway they could to achieve success in the competition. The councillors commented on how the village has been transformed in recent years and the community spirit was praised and given as an example of what can be done by working together.
Local councillor Michael Holmes and Cllr Gerry Coyle commented that it could have been very different had they not rejected the National Roads Authority’s suggestion to put traffic lights at each end of Mulranny back in 2008.
“We [councillors] don’t always get it right but when we rejected out of hand here that traffic lights should be put in place in Mulranny, it wouldn’t be in the position it is today if we allowed that scheme go ahead. Thankfully we didn’t,” Cllr Coyle commented.
Cllr Holmes concurred saying that if it happened it would have ‘upskittled Mulranny forever more’.
“The NRA always made the argument that it was borderline impossible to put footpaths through Mulranny. There was a proposal instead of putting in footpaths if there would be a traffic light at either end of the village and you would have had single lane traffic. You can imagine the mayhem that could have caused. The four councillors [Coyle, Holmes, Micheál McNamara and Tim Quinn] here at the time rejected it out of hand. If the wrong decision was taken that day we would not be talking about Mulranny representing Ireland,” he said.