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Fresh hope of progress on Carrowholly flooding problems


LIVING IN FEAR Residents in Carrowholly hope that flood relief works will finally ease their fears of a repeat of the severe flooding which occurred in January 2014. Pic: Michael McLaughlin

Michael Duffy

PROGRESS has been painstakingly slow for the residents of the village of Carrowholly, outside Westport, after severe flooding destroyed many homes in the area during storms in early 2014.
There have been constant fears of more flooding during all the storms that have taken place since then and residents and local councillors have been very vocal in their criticism of the the Office of Public Works (OPW) and their failure to tackle the issue as a matter of urgency.
However, local Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring, TD, has today stated that progress has been made on the issue and he hopes that Mayo County Council will be in a position to apply for funding to carry out works to remedy the problem of flooding in the Carrowholly area by next September.
Minister Ring confirmed that he has met on a number of occasions with Minister of State, Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran, TD, in relation to the flood relief works that are required at Carrowholly.
He said these meetings were taking place in order to review the options to satisfactorily address the flood risk in that area. At their latest meeting on July 4, both Minister Ring and Minister of State Moran were updated on the progress by the OPW engineers, who told them that their engineers had visited the area recently and carried out assessments on the ground. They also met with local residents to gain a better understanding of the cause of the flooding and to examine potential solutions.
“I have set up meetings between the OPW engineers and Mayo County Council to try and solve this problem at Carrowholly. On foot of their recent site visit, the OPW engineers have identified what they consider to be technically and environmentally viable and cost effective measures and they will now engage further with Mayo County Council and advise them on the results of their assessments,” said Minister Ring.
“I have also been informed by the OPW that funding will be made available for these works and it is expected that Mayo County Council will be in a position to submit the proposal for funding to the OPW for such viable works in September 2018.
“I am delighted by the progress that has been made in relation to the flood relief works at Carrowholly. This is something that has been ongoing for quite some time. I am very pleased that substantial progress has been made and the issues at Carrowholly can be alleviated once and for all,” concluded Minister Ring.