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Man attacked by cousins during funeral refuses mediation


A man who was attacked by his cousins during a family funeral in Ballyhaunis said he did not want to get involved in any mediation with them, as he is still afraid of them.
Johnny (25), Martin ‘Tash’ (32) and Owen McDonagh (22), all with an address at The Big Isle, Manorcunningham, Letterkenny, Co Donegal, were all convicted of charges relating to a serious incident that took place prior to the funeral Mass of Martin Frank ‘Redbreast’ McDonagh in Ballyhaunis on May 16, 2016.
The McDonaghs all faced charges relating to the incident which resulted in serious injuries to their first cousins, Thomas (27) and Martin ‘Screech’ McDonagh (33), who both live in England.
The three brothers were convicted last October, but sentencing was adjourned to see whether the two branches of the family could engage in a mediation process to resolve a family feud.
Last week’s sitting of Castlebar Circuit Criminal Court heard that the three defendants were willing to engage in the mediation process. However, Martin ‘Screech’ McDonagh told the court he was not interested.
When asked by Judge Rory McCabe if he preferred the dispute to continue, he said he feared the three defendants and did not want to be in their company. “I know what they did to me,” he told the court.
Martin ‘Screech’ McDonagh suffered a 3.5cm laceration over his right eye, which required stitches, as well as a fractured eye socket and a large cut on his hand.
He said that justice for members of the Travelling Community should be applied as it is for everyone else in society.
Counsel for the three defendants said they were willing to engage in mediation, and to show their bona fides, they had stayed away from a family funeral in order to prevent a confrontation.
Judge McCabe noted that the three defendants were willing to engage in mediation but it was hard to tell whether this was due to the threat of prison. He said he would put back sentencing for a further six months to allow for an updated probation report, but he stressed the matter will be finalised on October 12.

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