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Mayo man mugged pensioner at London train station


FOILED BY FOOTAGE Dermot Hunt, captured on CCTV above, robbed a man at knifepoint, coming away with just £4. (Pic: London Met Police)

Man in Mayo GAA top admits crime after social-media appeal

Anton McNulty

A BRICKENS native was sentenced to almost three years in jail in a London court after he pleaded guilty to robbing an elderly man at knifepoint. The mugger came away with just £4.
Dermot Hunt of Archway, North London, but originally from Brickens, Claremorris, was sentenced to 32 months at Snaresbrook Crown Court last week. The 39-year-old electrician was identified on CCTV wearing a Mayo GAA sports top after robbing the 71-year-old victim shortly before 11pm at Langdon Park DLR station on December 9, 2016.
The court in east London heard that Mr Hunt had been high on heroin and crack cocaine since noon on the day of the offence.
When he attacked the pensioner, he brandished a ‘bladed article’ before demanding, ‘What have you got?’ and eventually taking £4 from him.
Mr Hunt had previously appeared before the court in May, when he pleaded guilty to the offence and heard the victim recount how the incident has affected him since.
“He walked away with my confidence to walk the streets of east London where I spent two thirds of my life. That can never be replaced,” the victim said.
The prosecution and the defence had disputed the type of weapon used in the offence, with Mr Hunt’s defence counsel claiming it was a screwdriver, while the prosecution claimed it was a ‘flick knife’ that was part of a multi-tool kit.

‘Once off’
The defence counsel argued that the incident was a once off and that Mr Hunt had previously been of good character. However, said the defence counsel, Hunt suffered from depression after the death of his father and brother within days of each other in 2009. He had previously been treated for drug issues in Ireland.
Following the incident, the London Metropolitan police issued an online appeal, and CCTV footage was released in which the then suspect could be seen wearing the Mayo GAA tracksuit top.
Mr Hunt was in Ireland at the time, and following the social media appeal to identify him, he contacted police in London and identified himself. He then travelled to London where he was arrested on April 3.
During a police interview, Hunt admitted the offence and said he was ‘ashamed’ of what he had done. He also said that he would never have used the weapon to ‘hurt’ the victim, but instead used it to generate ‘fear’.