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Drunk man arrested while carrying slash hook


Man arrested while carrying slash hook in Castlebar

A MAN who walked along the Lough Lannagh Road with a slash hook while heavily intoxicated was told he will be in trouble if he repeats his behaviour.
Patrick Ward of 124 Manor Village, Castlebar was arrested by gardaí on January 28, 2014 after his wife reported to gardaí that he had left their house carrying a slash hook. Last week’s sitting of Castlebar District Court heard that at 8.20pm, Mr Ward was observed by gardaí walking along the Lough Lannagh Road carrying the slash hook which had an eight inch blade.
Inspector Amanda Gaynor explained he was extremely intoxicated and dropped the slash hook when asked. He had no explanation as to why it was in his possession and their investigations could not determine why he left the house with it.
His solicitor Denis Molloy said his client had absolutely no explanation whatsoever as to why he had it other than he had been drinking heavily. He explained that his wife had been to the shops and when she returned, her children told her he left the house with the slash hook and she then called the gardaí.
The court heard that Mr Ward has 16 previous convictions and has served periods of custody in the past. Mr Molloy asked Judge Mary Devins to consider community service if she was considering a custodial sentence.
However, Judge Devins said she was not considering a custodial sentence adding that nobody could tell her what he was doing with the article unless he was going to ‘cut a meadow’.
She said she would adjourn sentencing for 12 months but warned that if Mr Ward decided to take too much drink and head off with an offensive weapon, he would ‘be in trouble’.

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