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Islandeady Community Council anger over ‘disgraceful junction’


Islandeady Community Council anger at Taoiseach over ‘disgraceful junction’

Locals critical over junction referred to as ‘disgusting’

Edwin McGreal

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny would not look well if a TV documentary showed the state of a road junction within walking distance of his family home in Islandeady.
That was the point made by the Chairperson of Islandeady Community Council Liam Keaveney when he addressed a meeting of Castlebar Electoral Area over problems affecting Islandeady.
Mr Keaveney said the state of Reid’s Cross on the Newport Road just past the new Rehins Woods development was ‘a disgrace’ since a bypass of Cornanool was built in recent years.
“I don’t want to be playing politics on this but if a documentary was to be done on this junction it would show it was within walking distance of the Taoiseach’s home place. It is a disgrace the condition it has been left in and is very dangerous for locals and motorists,” said Mr Keaveney.
He suggested that a filter box for people turning off the main road would help and there was a willingness from locals to maintain the area but this could not happen until the council took the first initiative.
He also said entering and exiting under a railway arch to get access to Keeloges on the main Castlebar to Westport road was dangerous and called on the council to put in a footway along the main road from Cloggernagh to Keeloges before one of the many walkers who walk along the N5 is killed.
He also asked for lower speed limits at Islandeady church which he says is becoming increasingly dangerous around Mass times.
Cllr Henry Kenny said ‘I could take umbrage with the mention of the Taoiseach’, adding ‘it is his home area and mine’ but praised the ‘progressive’ community council and their representation. He described Reid’s Cross as ‘disgusting and dangerous’ while Cllr Blackie Gavin asked for ‘a rapid reaction’ on the situation at Reid’s Cross.