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Noel Brett named head of Irish Banking Federation


Noel Brett named head of Irish Banking Federation

Ciara Galvin

CASTLEBAR native and former Chief Executive of the Road Safety Authority Noel Brett has been appointed as Chief Executive of the Irish Banking Federation (IBF). He is expected to take up the position in the next three months.
A former student of St Patrick’s NS and St Gerald’s Secondary School in Castlebar, Brett completed a Social Science degree in UCD and a postgraduate degree in Social Work in Christchurch University in Cantebury, UK.
Brett has been at the forefront of road safety in Ireland since 2005, where he introduced a range of penalty-point offences, the expansion of the NCT and measures to reduce drink driving. These initiatives, along with greater education around road safety, have helped to reduce the number of road deaths in Ireland to 162 last year – the lowest on record.
The Chief Executive’s new role has taken many by surprise, as Brett is not known for his experience in the financial-services sector. Brett was assistant chief executive with the Western Health Board from 2001 prior to joining the RSA in 2005.  
The Irish Banking Federation is an industry-representative group which lobbies for 70 financial institutions and services. Brett succeeds Pat Farrell as the new chief.

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