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Westport Quay finally in line for major upgrade

Westport Quay finally in line for major upgrade

Neill O’Neill


SIGNIFICANT enhancement works should soon be under way at Westport Quay, with plans afoot by Westport Town Council to make use of a last opportunity to have a big impact in the area - ahead of their proposed abolition next year.
The plans as outlined by Westport Town Architect Simon Wall and Town Engineer Patrick Corcoran last week, will see the street at the harbour front completely reconfigured.
As part of the smarter Travel five-year plan, sweeping five metre footpaths will be laid between the Customs House and The Asgard Pub, with raised crossings between The Towers and The Asgard and across from The Helm. The road, the surface of which is currently in bad condition, will be improved, and the street between the Idle Wall and the gates of Westport House will be realigned and widened to accommodate two lanes of traffic.
On the hill approaching the harbour a ‘turn right lane’ for entering Westport House will be marked and what Simon Wall termed the ‘sea of tarmac’ where you turn the corner upon entering the harbour area will be enhanced by a raised crossing and possibly a sculpture - to become a focal point of the area. Current car parking arrangements will be reconfigured and while some existing spaces will be lost - particularly across from The Helm and Asgard, other new spaces will be marked out at various points around ‘The Pond’.
The proposal is currently only in draft form and a public meeting will be held with businesses and other stakeholders at the The Quay in coming weeks, with a view to obtaining feedback on the plan, before it will then be put on public display. New street lighting and furniture will be included and features such as bike parking facilities will also be incorporated,
The proposals do not currently include any enhancements or works along the road by the pier or near The Point.
Westport Town Manager, Martin Keating, said that the new footpaths - described by Simon Wall as an ‘esplanade’ would benefit all businesses, but to achieve that, parking in the area had to be looked at.
Councillors broadly welcomed the plan, but felt that the issue of a lack of parking spaces may arise, as The Quay can be particularly busy at times. While two loading bays are marked on the plans for the works, the need for a bus stop was also highlighted, as was the need to bring the end of the Greenway right into the heart of the Quay. Councillor Christy Hyland asked was there any chance of getting a man made beach included as part of the plans.

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