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Claremorris Chamber arrange Silverbridge clean-up

Claremorris Chamber arranges Silverbridge facelift

Michael Commins

MAJOR remedial works are under way at the Silverbridge site adjacent to the traffic lights at the old Knock Road in Claremorris. The project was initiated by Claremorris Chamber who secured a deal with NAMA to enable the clean-up and enhancement works to proceed. These are now scheduled for completion before the end of April.
Jimmy Flynn, President of Claremorris Chamber, says they made a submission to NAMA last April when they wrote to Frank Daly. “We got Eugene Waldron’s office to draw up an architectural plan for the vacant site adjacent to old Knock Road. The development had stalled there and the hoardings had become very tatty. Within a few weeks, NAMA came back to us to say they were interested in our proposals.
“We contacted Harold Conway of the original developers, Conway & Sons, Westport and he was sympathetic to our plight. We are working well with him and he and his team have now commenced work on the project.”
It is envisaged that Cosgrove’s house will be demolished soon and a new pathway will be created from the traffic lights across to the main entrance. “The plan is to landscape this region, a case of joining the traditional and the new. We want to create a visual connection and also make a statement that Claremorris is open for business. NAMA has agreed to fund this and all of us here in the Chamber of Commerce are delighted to get it across the line.
“It is great to see work under way on the remediation of the site. Much of the old hoarding, which was falling into disrepair anyway, has now been pulled down. The area had become a haunt for some anti-social behaviour in recent months and it was giving out all the wrong messages about the town. This area should be greatly enhanced when the work is finished over the next few weeks,” says Jimmy Flynn.