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Employer hails gifted employee despite drug charges

Employer hails gifted employee despite drug charges

The employer of a Lithuanian man charged with drug offences said his employee was ‘gifted’ and an ‘exceptional worker’ and appealed that he be given a chance to redeem himself.
Michael Griffin, the owner of a Transport Company in Swinford gave a glowing recommendation on behalf of Donatas Tamasauskas of Blackfort, Newport Road, Castlebar, who was charged with the unlawful possession of cannabis for sale and supply and faced a custodial sentence.
Castlebar District Court heard that Mr Tamasauskas (32), had an alcohol problem and had started to smoke cannabis and has lived in Ireland for seven years. His solicitor Brendan Donnelly said his client had no previous drug convictions in Ireland or Lithuania and was currently working 45 hours a week without pay while on social welfare. He said he hoped to get a Jobshare internship to work for pay and added his employer was in court to speak on his behalf.
Mr Griffin said Mr Tamasauskas was gifted at what he does and that all the workers in his company had the height of respect for him and he had the keys to their premises. Mr Tamasauskas, he said, works in electronics and claimed he has not come across anyone as gifted as him at what he does.
He said he was very disappointed in Mr Tamasauskas for what he did and admitted that he would not have hired him if he knew about it. However, he said that he sat down with Mr Tamasauskas and had an honest discussion about what happened and he now accepted he made a huge mistake and that is why he is in court. Mr Griffin said he had the height of respect for him and asked the court to give him a chance to show what he can do.
Judge Mary Devins said she hoped Mr Tamasauskas appreciated the ‘glowing endorsement’ he had been given.
She told him she would give him a chance before sentencing but warned if he slipped up he would be going to jail for two years.
She adjourned sentencing until February 5, 2014.