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62 per cent of septic tanks registered in Mayo

62 per cent of septic tanks registered in Mayo

Anton McNulty

Sixty-two per cent of Mayo households have registered their septic tank as the February 1 deadline for registrations approach.
Under the 2012 legislation homeowners who have a septic tank or other waste-water treatment system have to register their system by February 1. To date 62 per cent of Mayo households with a septic tank have registered which is slightly above the national average of 60 per cent.
There are an estimated 26,659 on site waste water treatment systems in Mayo which is the fifth highest number in Ireland after Donegal, Kerry, Galway and Cork which has the highest with 57,993 systems. To date 16,437 of systems have been registered in Mayo.
The figure represents a significant increase from last September when Mayo County Council indicated that just 38 per cent of households registered their tanks and availed of the €5 levy. Since October, householders have to pay a €50 levy to register their tanks.
Nationally over 60 per cent of owners have registered their tanks with the percentage varying in different counties. In the Galway County Council area where there has been a vigourous campaign to boycott the registration, particularly in Connemara, the figure is currently at 50 per cent.
Under legislation, all tanks must be registered by February 1 or face the prospect of fines up to €5,000. Registration will be valid for five years and there will be no charge for re-registration.
Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan encouraged owners of septic tanks and other waste water treatment systems to register their systems and avail of grant assistance.
“Only those who have registered their systems by February 1 will be eligible for financial support if their system fails an inspection. I am very conscious of householders’ concerns regarding costs in repairing or upgrading their systems if they fail an inspection so I want to reassure people again that they will be assisted in meeting those costs if remedial works are necessary,” he said.
The risk-based system of inspections, based on a national inspection plan being finalised by the Environmental Protection Agency, will commence in 2013 and the Minister warned that systems which have not been registered will be at increased risk of inspection.

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