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Shrule pub fined for serving alcohol to underage girl

Shrule pub fined for underage drinking on St Patrick’s Day

The Shawl pub in Shrule will close on March 6 and 7 next as a result of its previous owner selling alcohol to a person under the age of 18 on St Patrick’s Day last year.
Garda Aidan Connaughton told Castlebar District Court that on entering The Shawl, Main St, Shrule on March 17, 2012, he noted a large number of young people present and he asked one of them, who admitted she was drinking vodka and coke, for proof of age.
Presenting the Garda with a provisional driving licence, Garda Connaughton said that on further inspection of the licence he did not believe the person in the picture was her.
The court heard that the girl subsequently admitted borrowing the licence from a friend and that she was actually 16.
On highlighting the issue to bar person Martina King, on looking at the licence again Ms King concurred it wasn’t the same person, and admitted to the Garda that she had served the alcohol to the girl in ‘good faith’ after she produced the licence.
Garda Connaughton told the court that although there were a number of young people on the premises, it was only the girl with the provisional licence that was found to be consuming alcohol.
The pub, which has no previous breaches of the licence, was owned at the time by Beaghmore Investments Limited but they no longer own it.
Judge Mary Devins fined Beaghmore Investments Limited €500 and ordered the minimum mandatory clossure of the pub for 48 hours which will take effect on March 6 and 7 next.
The court heard that the current licensee was made aware of the closure.