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Father on way to collect Christening cake abuses Garda

Father on way to collect Christening cake abuses Garda

A father who left his child’s Christening ceremony in Ballinrobe to go and collect the Christening cake at his mother’s house ended up in court after he told a Garda to ‘f*** off you pr**k’ when he was pulled over for not wearing his seat belt.
John Cleary of First Floor Apartment, Apartment 4, New Street, Ballinrobe appeared before Castlebar District Court on Friday last charged with failure to comply with the directions of a garda; of threatening and/or abusive behaviour; no road tax; non-display of insurance and non-display of road tax.
Garda John Doherty told the court at 4.30pm on March 3 last he pulled over Cleary in Ballinrobe when he saw him driving without a seat belt. He said that when he questioned Cleary about having no insurance or tax discs on display, Cleary became aggressive.
Garda Doherty said Clearly told him to ‘f*** off you pr**k’ and said that the gardai were always after him. He said he had to physically remove Cleary from the car as he refused to get out willingly.
He seized the car and said that Cleary kicked it and said ‘I hope it blows up up the road with you driving it’.
Defending solicitor Tom Walsh said that his client apologised two days later and on the morning of the court. He said Cleary didn’t want the car to be taken and was going to his mother’s house to collect the cake, which he had forgotten.
Mr Walsh added that Cleary, an unemployed 19-year-old married father of two, had ‘no excuse’ for the bad language and that he had ‘lost the cool’ because of the pressures of the day.
Judge Mary Devins opined that the prosecution was ‘a bit harsh’ and asked Garda Doherty were gardai always stopping him. Garda Doherty said that was true as Cleary was ‘always changing cars’.
Judge Devins said that Cleary did lose his temper and adjourned the matter until July 26, 2013, indicating that if Cleary is of good behaviour, she will look favourably on the charges.