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Sat, Aug
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Partry ‘girl power’ aired on RTÉ

Partry ‘girl power’ aired on RTÉ Radio

Ciara Galvin

IT was only when Susan and Barry Cryan of Cloonee, Partry, welcomed their baby girl into the world last August, adding to their family of three girls, that another family member brought their attention to the fact that their small village of Clonee was overrun with girls.
Speaking to The Mayo News about the discovery and subsequent RTÉ visit, Susan said: “It (the number of girls) was just something we had never thought about until my uncle Bernard highlighted it,” said the Partry native.
Susan’s uncle, Bernard Bourke, subsequently contacted Radio 1 entertainment reporter Brenda Donohue about a possible visit so she could see for herself.
Last Saturday week the reporter with the Mooney Show on RTÉ Radio 1 visited Susan’s house to meet the 22 girls ranging in ages from two months to 16 years - and five boys that live in Clonee - along with their parents.
Donohue, whom Ms Cryan described as being ‘very down to earth’, commented that there ‘must be something in the water around the area’, referring to the high female population.
Talking about a house full of girls, Ms Cryan acknowledged that every wife would love to give their husband a boy, but maintained that as long as a baby is healthy, it didn’t matter whether it was a boy or girl.
Outnumbered in the house, Barry quipped that he will never have to do a day of housework in his life thanks to being surrounded by females.
In an ironic twist Mr Cryan comes from a family of boys, having four brothers, but Ms Cryan’s family of two sisters and a lone brother, reinstates the trend of female domination.
Comparing last Saturday to ‘a stations’, Ms Cryan said there was ‘great excitement’ with the majority of families in the village packing into the Cryan household for the recorded interview.
With their house and the neighbouring Gibbons’ having the most girls, Susan joked that the pressure is on to ‘outdo each other’.
“We have four and the Gibbons’ have four, so we’re in competition,” laughed Susan, adding that the real fun will start when boyfriends enter the picture. And for the five boys of Clonee, well Susan said ‘they’ll have a great choice’.

Brenda Donohue’s visit to the village was due to be aired on the Mooney Show today (Tuesday) or tomorrow (Wednesday) on RTÉ Radio 1 and will be available to listen to on podcast on the RTÉ Radio One website.

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