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Sat, Aug
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Mayo News readers – Your paper needs you

Your paper needs you

Mayo News readers
Your paper needs you

The Mayo News is turning 120 this December 3. We might get the odd twinge in our back, and our knees might sometimes give us a bit of jip, but our ears, eyes and voice are as good as ever. Maybe we’ve grown a little wiser along the way. Maybe not.
Regardless, we’ve decided to mark this pretty damned impressive milestone with a souvenir supplement in our December 4 issue, and we want your help.
The supplement will look back at a selection of the stories that made the headlines all the way back to 1892. Some are shocking. Some are hilarious. All are Mayo. We’ll also cover a few of the standout changes the paper has gone through over the years, from the hard work of the old cast-iron printing presses to the relative comfort of basic computerisation, to the advent of the information superhighway and even the Twitter machine.
Here’s where you come in: We’re looking for any stories our readers might have about The Mayo News – anecdotes about stories and pictures that appeared, tales of strange uses for The Mayo News around the house, memories of headlines that caught your eye, stories of fights over the Sport pages … you get the picture.
If you have any of these, we’d love to hear from you. If you happen to have any old photographs lying around the house, particularly any taken before 1960, we’d be delighted to get them too.

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