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Castlebar man (39) was dead in his house for weeks

Castlebar Man was dead in his house for weeks

A Castlebar man was dead in his house for almost two weeks before his body was discovered, an inquest has heard.
The inquest into the death of Ian Conaty (39) of 29, McCormack Estate, Castlebar reported a cause of death as natural causes yesterday morning.
The inquest heard how Gardai and the deceased man’s father found Mr Conaty’s body in ‘a serious state of decomposition’ when they discovered his remains at his residence on July 2 last.
The inquest heard that Denis Conaty and his wife Marie went on holidays on June 16 and had just returned on July 2 when Marie sent their son Mark to McCormack Estate to check on Ian, whom the family had not seen or heard from in a number of weeks. Mark returned, saying there was something wrong as there was no answer and there were bluebottle flies in the window.
Denis Conaty then went down with Mark and they managed to open an upstairs window. Mark said to call the Gardai as there was a bad smell from within the house.
Garda Conor Doyle and Garda Seán Ryan attended at the scene. Garda Doyle said there was ‘a strong, unpleasant smell’ coming from the house and that Garda Ryan gained entry through the upstairs window, saying he had found the body of Ian Conaty within the house.
Garda Ryan told the inquest that, upon coming down the stairs, he saw the body seated in an armchair in the living room and that the TV was on. Denis Conaty identified the body as that of his son. Garda Doyle said the body was in ‘a serious state of decomposition and it was clear that he had been dead for a number of weeks’.
Garda Doyle added that the local Post Office were able to confirm that Ian Conaty last collected his Job Seekers Allowance on June 13.
Denis Conaty’s statement to the inquest said that he noticed that Ian was wearing an Ireland football cap, which he would never usually wear.
“I suspect that he was watching the Ireland v Italy football game on June 18 in a pub and died shortly after when he returned home,” he stated.
Dr Fadel Bannani, Pathologist, said that when he examined the body on July 4, it was in a state of ‘severe decomposition’. He said the examination of Mr Conaty’s organs was difficult. However, taking into account Mr Conaty’s heart was abnormally heavy, he said the cause of death was ischemic heart disease.
He said the date of the death was difficult to be precise about but said the most likely estimate was June 20. Recording a verdict of natural causes, Coroner for Mayo South John O’Dywer extended sympathy to the family of Ian Conaty, as did Inspector Joe McKenna on behalf of An Garda Siochana.