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Woman in Newport Quay crash dies

Newport Quay
TRAGEDY While the tide can be very low at Newport Quay, as is the case in this google maps image, the tide was high the day Edina Voros’s car went over the quay wall.

Woman in Newport Quay crash dies

Neill O’Neill

The 34-year-old woman whose car plunged into the sea in Newport last month has died in Mayo General Hospital.
Edina Voros, a Hungarian national, had been on life support since the accident, which occurred on October 21. Ms Voros’s mother flew to Ireland to be at her daughter’s bedside, but she never recovered from the accident, and died on Wednesday last, October 31.
Ms Voros had been driving her newly bought car sometime between 8.30am and 8.40am on October 21 when it went over the quay wall and entered the water. The tide was in at the time, and the car landed upside down in approximately 20 feet of water, and Ms Voros was unable to escape from the car.
An elderly man who was walking in the area saw the incident and called the emergency services, who fought frantically to rescue Ms Voros from the car which was submerged.
Approximately a half an hour after the car entered the water, a local diver retrieved Ms Voros, who was unconscious, and she was rushed to Mayo General Hospital where she died last week.
Ms Voros has been living in Newport for the past six years. She worked in the Gráinne Uaile pub in the town.
Her Funeral Mass was held in the town last Friday, and she was buried afterwards in the local cemetery.

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