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Belmullet woman in final of unislimmer of the year competition

Belmullet woman in final of ‘Unislimmer of the Year’ competition

Ciara Galvin

A Belmullet woman who has slimmed down from 17st 12lbs, to just 10st 11lbs is one of a group of ten Unislimmers who could be this year’s ‘Unislimmer of the Year 2012’.
Speaking to The Mayo News about her new figure, Bernadette McHugh put her weight loss into impressive context, noting that her total weight loss to date equals that of her 12-year-old daughter.
Bernie joined Unislim classes in Belmullet in November 2010 and reached her goal weight a mere six months later. Bernie explained that she got to the ‘end of her tether’ as she lay on her bed struggling to pull up the zip of her size 22 jeans.  “I started crying and thought ‘that’s enough Bernie’,” she said.
Having previously tried and failed with a number of other slimming programmes Bernie said that Unislim simply ‘made sense’.
“It’s about portion and carb control. You can have as much ‘free food’ as you want and even have a treat like a glass of wine or some chocolate, but in moderation,” explained the mother of two.
“Before I joined Unislim I would eat tons of chocolate and at night I could sit down and eat bags of crisps and fizzy drinks after I put the kids to bed. Now I plan my meals in advance, sitting down on a Sunday evening and working out what I will have for the coming days.”
Bernie told The Mayo News that she doesn’t feel like she’s on a diet and referred to it as a ‘healthy lifestyle’.
Being an asthma sufferer all her life, Bernie was constantly on antibiotics and a nebuliser, However, with her new healthy living she can’t remember the last time she was on an antibiotic.
“Unislim has changed my life and I can honestly say that I am happy with myself for the first time ever. People don’t recognise me,” said the mother of two.
Bernie who still holds on to those size 22 jeans as ‘a reminder’ will attend the ‘Unislimmer of the year 2012’ announcement on November 7 at the Shelbourne hotel in Dublin.

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