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Jail for man who destroyed Westport cells with faeces and urine

Jail for man who destroyed Westport cells with faeces and urine

A MAN was described by a district court judge as being ‘animalistic’, after he went on a rampage in Westport Garda Station last summer.
Judge Denis McLoughlin told Matthew Gray of Baurearagh, Kilgarvan, Co Kerry that he had no choice but to imprison him, after hearing of his actions on the night of August 22 last. The court was told that having been taken from Cosy Joe’s Bar, Mr Gray and a friend went to Westport Garda Station, where a series of events unfolded that led to Mr Gray receiving an eight month jail term last week.
Garda Tony McCabe said that at 2.20am that morning the defendant and another man arrived and began kicking the station door and continuously pressing the buzzer. After they ‘robustly’ entered the station he formed the opinion they were intoxicated and Mr Gray was agitated having been ‘taken from Cosy Joe’s and assaulted’, he claimed to the garda. They began verbally abusing Cosy Joe’s staff to gardaí and would not give their details. The defendant told Garda McCabe that he was a ‘fat bastard’ and began insulting and threatening him.
He was subsequently arrested and brought to a cell. Then, the fire alarm was activated in the station and through the peep hole in the cell door, Garda McCabe could see it was because the defendant had damaged the smoke sensor on the roof. He was continuously roaring vulgar names and obscenities and telling his friend to ‘set himself on fire’.
The defendant then tried to tear up the mattress in the cell before defecating and smearing his excrement on the walls and across the peep hole on the cell door to prevent observation.
A doctor and ambulance had to be called for the defendant’s friend and an engineer had to come from Galway to fix a fire alarm he had damaged. Mr Gray was then moved from the cell he ‘trashed’ and when placed in a different one, he urinated in it.
Judge McLoughlin said that he was ‘horrified by the performance of Mr Gray’. He handed down an eight month sentence and ordered that compensation of €864.95 be paid in full.