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Digital Switchover one day to go

Digital Switchover one day to go

Ciara Galvin


Ireland’s digital TV switchover will happen tomorrow (October 24). Caroline Wilson works with the Mayo Digital Outreach Programme and is urgently encouraging people to switch as soon as possible to Digital TV and not to be left in the dark when the analogue signal is turned off tomorrow. 
While most people have made the switch themselves, some people may still need a helping hand. Ms Wilson is encouraging people to again spread the word to their older friends, neighbours and relatives, especially those who live in rural areas.
With prices ranging from €130 to €1,699 for a Saorview approved TV and prices for the alternative, a Saorview-approved set-top box, starting at €75 and reaching €170, The Mayo News asked Ms Wilson if she had encountered people who couldn’t afford to make the switch.
“Some people are financially stuck, it’s unfortunate but there are not that many. I have met three people who were in difficulty and I passed them on to other channels of assistance,” said the Knockmore/Rathduff Digital Outreach Champion.
Ms Wilson said there will be people left in the dark.
“Installers are busy and are not coming to houses on time due to demand. Many are buying Saorview approved TVs to avoid the wait for a set-top box installer to arrive. Retailers are having a long Christmas as a result of this and the fact that elderly people don’t want to have the two remotes that are needed with the set-top box,” explained Ms Wilson.
Ms Wilson also outlined information on how to switch and what options will make a successful Switchover for people across the county.
For people that get their TV service through a Pay-TV - Sky, UPC, cable, etc, no action is required.
If you get your TV through an aerial, you need to either get a Saorview-approved set-top box, or a Saorview approved new television, meaning you can continue to get the Irish channels for free. A UHF ariel is required to receive this service (most houses will already have this). If you wish to receive all the Irish Channels plus BBC/ITV, Channel 4 etc you will need a Saorview Approved Combi box.

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