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Club’s 19th hole given two-month reprieve

19th hole given two-month reprieve

Castlebar Golf Club has been given two months to address issues and irregularities concerning the club licence for the bar at their clubhouse.
In the licensing court in September Judge Mary Devins heard of an objection from the local superintendent and from a member of the public, Lorcan Cribbin.
They had queried the validity of the arrangement for the operation of the bar whereby Joseph McDonnell pays the golf club €10,000 per year, pays a portion of the costs and takes whatever profit is remaining.
Judge Mary Devins adjourned her decision until last Wednesday. Ruling, Judge Devins said the fact that a private individual, Mr McDonnell, and not the golf club’s management committee, was in control of the sale of alcohol at the club meant that Castlebar Golf Club was in breach of the Club Licensing Act.
She upheld the objection but said that in view of the fact that this ‘irregular situation’ at the club had pertained for many years without objection, and observing that local Garda authorities had shown reluctance to deal with the matter when raised with them, she adjourned the matter until December 5, thereby allowing the club time to address a number of issues.
Judge Devins said that the club’s committee must meet and attempt to draft new rules to correct the issues addressed. She also said that each member at this meeting must have a copy of the club’s existing constitution and the document entered into with Mr McDonnell. She added that if and when the issues are addressed, both objectors are to be informed so that they can consider the changes.
Rory O’Connor, on behalf of the golf club, objected to an application by Brendan Donnelly, solicitor for Mr Cribbin, for costs.
Mr O’Connor said that Mr Cribbin was a member for many years before he resigned. Judge Devins said that, because Mr Cribbin was a member of the club for a number of years while the situation with the licence pertained, he was ‘complicit’ in an ‘inane’ sense of the word. Mr Donnelly said that his client had raised a valid objection. Judge Devins said she would consider the application for costs on December 5.