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Honey-packing shed faces sticky problem

Honey-packing shed faces sticky problem

Anton McNulty


A farmer has lodged an appeal with An Bord Pleanála (ABP) against planning permission for a honey-packing shed. At issue is the farmers’ fears over the safe use of an existing right of way.
Mayo County Council granted planning permission to Ronan McGreevy of Pinewoods, Westport, for the construction of a honey-packing shed, septic tank and percolation area at Rosdooaun, Newport. The decision has been appealed to ABP by Padraic Gannon of Roslaher, Newport, who owns a field adjacent to the proposed development.
In his appeal to ABP, Mr Gannon explained that he uses a right of way going through the development site to access his land, and he said it was ‘essential’. He said the planning permission for the septic tank and percolation bed was ‘in the immediate vicinity of this right of way’. He said that the lack of hard core or stone on the land meant it would be ‘very vulnerable to extra water seeping on to it, or through it’. He said it is already dangerous because it is on a steep hillside, and he feels the extra water will create a clear danger for anyone driving over it.
Mr McGreevy has seven apiaries in the general vicinity of the site. During the honey-collection process, honey frames are removed from apiaries’ hives and brought to a central packing area. Here, the honey is extracted from the frame and put into sterilised jars.
In reference to Mr Gannon’s concerns over the right of way, Mr McGreevy told the Council that based on the EPA site assessment and the soil characteristics, the affluent generated would not interfere with Mr Gannon’s use of the right of way. He added he was prepared to move the percolation area to below the right of way to ‘alleviate Mr Gannon’s concerns’.
Mayo County Council granted planning permission on August 21 subject to six conditions. The decision on the appeal is expected to be made by January 29, 2013.

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