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Councillors give backing to Castlebar sports forum

Councillors back Castlebar Sports Forum

Anton McNulty

Castlebar Town Councillors have given their backing to the creation of a sports forum which is aimed at encouraging people to partake in physical activity in the town.
The creation of a sports forum was outlined to Castlebar Town Councillors by Charlie Lambert and Anne Ronayne of Mayo Sports Partnership who explained that it will increase physical activity among people not involved in sports clubs.
The idea was based on the Moy Sports Forum in Ballina which was formed to encourage the use of facilities in estates which were not being used and in some cases vandalised. Anne Ronayne, Community Sports Development Project Worker explained that different groups joined with residents to get their views on how the facilities could be used and it has been a huge success.
“This is a big town with lots of clubs and we can all work together. We can have all the facilities but if they are not used they are no use,” she said.
Cllr Frank Durcan said that in many schools only the best children are involved in sport in order to win competitions while the others are left on the sidelines. He added that if they get involved in sport when they are young it will keep them out of trouble when they get older.

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