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Aoibhín is Cong’s first Queen

Aoibhín Flanagan is pictured after winning the inaugural Cong ‘Festival Queen’ competition last Friday night.
Aoibhín Flanagan is pictured after winning the inaugural Cong ‘Festival Queen’ competition last Friday night.?Pic: King Klix Photography

Aoibhín is Cong’s first Queen

Willie McHugh

AOIBHÍN Flanagan, a twenty-year-old Veterinary student, was chosen as the ‘Queen of Cong’ at a function in Lydon’s Lodge on Friday night last.
Representing Danagher’s Hotel, Aobhín was a popular choice. Her reign as First Lady of Cong begins this weekend when she officiates at the Festival in the village, celebrating sixty years of the release of the film ‘The Quiet Man’.
The committee also selected a runner up to deputise for Aobhín, and Shannon Foley representing Lydon’s Lodge was the popular choice.
Others who took part were Leona Smyth representing (and waxing lyrical about) O’Connor’s in Cong, Kelly Ann O’Grady (Lisloughrey Lodge), Mary McGrath (McGrath’s Limestone Works), Orla Kennedy (Ashford Castle), Niamh Hopkins (Corrib Cruises), Beatriz Bilboa (Crowe’s Nest) and Sarah Flanagan (Pat Cohan’s Bar).
Local impresario Ray McHugh was Master of Ceremonies and he ensured all contestants got ample opportunity to project themselves and Cong in a positive light.
It was the first time the South Mayo village staged this competition and the organisers of Cong Festival 2012 must take great credit for the smooth running and the efficient manner of the overall presentation. While the fun element was the central theme, they also managed to merge some formalities and a little pomp and ceremony into proceedings.
Credit also to all nine girls who took part, as well as their escorts for the lovely manner in which they conducted themselves.
While enjoyment and entertainment was the running order, they also afforded the occasion a certain degree of respect and the brilliant camaraderie among all those taking part was the main talking point of the night.
All involved did themselves, their families and the business organisations they were representing proud. The girls and their escorts have set a high standard for a happening that will surely become an annual night in the social calendar of the region.
The Cong 2012 Festival will be officially opened on Friday next, August 24, by the ‘Mayor of Cong Parish’ John Joe McGrath. The weekend programme of varied entertainment caters for all tastes.     

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