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He ain’t heavy (anymore) … he’s my brother

Weight loss
Bernie and Paul before and after their weight loss.

He ain’t heavy (anymore) … he’s my brother

Castlebar brother and sister team shed 24 Stone between them

Anton McNulty

If ever you needed any inspiration to shed the unwanted extra pounds, then look no further than the brother and sister team of Paul Carney (35) and Bernie Walsh (51) from Castlebar who shifted a staggering combined weight of 24 stone in just over a year.
The remarkable feat by the siblings who were both morbidly obese before they decided to lose weight is expected to act as an inspiration to others who find it difficult to lose weight.
“I am only 51 years old,” said Bernie, “but there were times when I felt like 81. Those days are now gone and I am now feeling like 40 and many tell me I’m looking like 40 as well!”
Before they set out on their remarkable weight shedding journey in April 2011, Paul tipped the scales at 20 stone - only because his bathroom scales did not go over that - and had no idea his real weight was a whopping 28 stone.
After months of hard work and determination, Paul managed to lose a remarkable 16 stone to now weigh 14 stone with his socks on while Bernie also managed to go from 20 stone to under 12 stone.
The decision to lose weight was made by Bernie who described herself as miserable with her weight and knew if she wanted to see her five grandchildren grow up she would have to do something about her weight.
“Miserable in one word, I felt out of place everywhere I went, didn’t feel like everybody else with their nice modern clothes. I often said I’d go to a place and when the time came I just changed my mind and cancelled out,” explained Bernie.
She recruited Paul to join her and their first steps to weight loss came when they walked into the Galway Motivation Clinic to seek advice. Motivation Weight Management is best known for its outstanding success in helping thousands of Irish people to reach and maintain their ideal weight long-term. 
Motivation’s success is founded on the company’s unique approach to weight management, which focuses not just on what people eat, but why. This groundbreaking concept was pioneered by world-renowned French-Canadian bariatrician Dr Maurice Larocque, who developed the revolutionary “Mental Weight” concept, to help people achieve and maintain their ideal weight by identifying and tackling the root cause of their eating habits and behaviours.
Before losing the weight, Paul was a size 4XL had a 56 inch waist and was too embarrassed to travel to watch his favourite club, Manchester United play because he was afraid he would be too big for the aeroplane seats.
“Because I was a size 4XL and  56 inch waist, I couldn’t buy cloths in a regular cloths shop so I had to order my cloths online, which was both expensive and limiting in styles and colours, hence I wore the same things all of the time - jeans and polo shirts.”
Bernie started attending the Galway Clinic and then attended the Tuam Clinic when it opened as it was closer to Castlebar. Now a Motivation Clinic has opened in Castlebar and the success stories continue. Having lost an impressive eight stone and four pounds and counting Bernie concluded there was no way she was going back to her former self.
“The best thing for me was the new attitude it gave me towards food, the training to say ‘No Thank You’, I don’t need anymore or I don’t need that cake or ice cream. That is what made me a 20 stone plus person and I am not going there again, that’s for sure!”
Getting to talk about his weight problem was Paul’s main issue but once he started to open up he said he got the confidence to talk freely, it gave him encouragement to lose the pounds.
“The best thing about the programme is that it doesn’t actually feel like you’re on a diet. It’s just common sense really. You can go out for dinner, once you watch what you eat, without people actually knowing that you’re dieting.”
He says he now feels ‘fantastic’ and has gone to Old Trafford and even taken part in a full marathon, something he would not have even dreamt of doing.
“I used to feel ashamed and embarrassed of myself, now I feel very proud of my achievement. I feel a lot more confident around people, especially meeting people for the first time; I’m no longer that person that just sits in the corner.”

See www.motivation.ie for more information or to arrange a no obligation assessment consultation

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