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Hang glider rescued from Achill cliff

Hang glider rescued from Achill cliff

Anton McNulty

A HANG glider was rescued from a cliff edge on Achill Island last week. He had crashed into a cliff near Keel beach after getting caught in strong winds.
The incident occurred along the Minaun Cliffs near Dookinella at approximately 8pm on Thursday evening. The male, who is in his 40s and from Austria, was hang gliding off the cliff edge throughout the day when he got into difficulty and crashed into the hillside.
The alarm was raised at around 8.30pm. The Achill Coast Guard, which was the first at the scene, located the casualty a quarter way up the hill side. The man was injured and he was stretchered off to an area of the hill where the Coast Guard helicopter was able to winch him up and take him to Mayo General Hospital at around 10pm. It is understood that the casualty did not suffer any broken bones, and his injuries are not believed to have been life threatening.
A spokesperson for the Achill Coast Guard told The Mayo News that the person was hang gliding without difficulty during the day until the accident occurred.