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Man took TV from hotel wall to replace his own

Man took TV from hotel wall to replace his own

A BALLINA man walked into a hotel in the middle of the afternoon, took a flatscreen television from the wall, and walked out with it in a shopping bag. He took the television because his own was broken, Ballina District Court heard.
John Garvey (48) of 207 Ridgepool Apartments, Barrett Street, Ballina walked into the Ballina Manor Hotel at 3.20pm on April 27, 2012 and took a 28-inch flatscreen television worth €500 from the wall. He placed it in a shopping bag before walking out. Superintendent Joe Doherty explained that CCTV footage showed the defendant leaving the hotel with the television ‘sticking out’ of the bag.
Mr Peter Loftus, solicitor for the defendant, explained his client was under the care of Mayo Mental Health and that his explanation was that he wanted a new television as his own was broken. He described the offence as the ‘most simplistic of crimes’ and said it was not the type of theft a rational person would carry out.
Supt Doherty explained that Mr Garvey has a previous conviction for sexual assault and was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment in 2011, and that he had served three months.
When asked by Judge Mary Devins if he understood what he did was wrong, Mr Garvey replied that he did and that he would not do it again. Judge Devins decided to adjourn sentencing for a year to see how Mr Garvey behaves, but she warned him that if he breaks the law he would go to prison.