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Judge refuses to grant money to Polish charity

Judge refuses to grant money to Polish charity

A district court judge who was presiding over a sentencing in which an Islandeady man had been requested to pay €1,000 to a Polish charity has refused to rule on the matter and adjourned it before another judge.
Judge Mary Devins (pictured) listened to evidence of an adjourned case from October 5 last where Enda Moylette of Derrycoorane, Islandeady was told by Judge Conal Gibbons that if Moylette came up with €1,000 for a Polish charity by last Friday, public order breaches would be dismissed under the Probation Act.
Judge Gibbons had himself heard evidence of how Moylette, in a drunk state, had to be restrained by security staff from Cox’s Bar at 1.38am on July 16, 2011. Moylette said to one of them: ‘get off me you fat Polish f***er … you fat Polish prick’. As it turned out the security man was Irish.
Judge Mary Devins was told on Friday last that time was given to decide if there was a suitable Polish charity.
“There is, it’s called social welfare,” said Judge Devins.
It was suggested to her that the Polish Chaplaincy in Ireland could be a suitable charity but Judge Devins said she would prefer a local charity to benefit. She added she had a difficulty in granting the payment and adjourned it to Castlebar District Court on August 1, back before Judge Gibbons.