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Judge criticises slow drivers in careless-driving case

Judge criticises slow drivers in careless driving case

A district court judge has launched a broadside against slow drivers in a case where a man was charged with undertaking three cars on the N5 at Bohola.
Philip Storey of 1, Aiden Street Rear, Kiltimagh was before Castlebar District Court charged with careless  driving after Gardaí received a report of him undertaking (by-passing cars on the inside) three cars at Lisgorman, Bohola, at 1.15pm on November 13 last.
His solicitor, Lynda Lenihan, said the cars in front were driving slowly and he became impatient. She added that Storey wished to apologise for his actions.
Judge Mary Devins said she travelled that road regularly and couldn’t understand how some cars drive at only 40 miles per hour when it ‘is the best road in the county’. Judge Devins added that it caused a tailback which resulted in incidents like this and said she wished Gardaí would come out after the lead car.
Speaking of Mr Storey’s actions she said: ‘we all want to do this but we can’t’. She asked if Gardaí had found who had been holding traffic up. She was told they hadn’t.
Ms Lenihan said that Mr Storey, aged 28 was originally from Cumbria but now living in Kiltimagh and he had no previous convictions.
Judge Devins dismissed the charge under the Probation Act on the basis that Storey donate €150 to Mayo Mountain Rescue.