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Mother of triplets escapes drugs conviction

Mother of triplets escapes conviction for drug growing

A mother of three-year-old triplets who was growing cannabis plants in her back garden has had charges against her dismissed under the Probation Act after a district court judge read a Probation Report prepared for her.
Michelle O’Malley (33) of Ballishahina, Shrule had appeared before Judge Mary Devins last May where the court heard that Gardaí had found that she was growing four cannabis plants. Judge Devins described O’Malley as a ‘grossly irresponsible mother’.
She told Gardaí that she had got the seed from a website and had that certificate before the court.
Her solicitor, Tom Walsh, said that Ms O’Malley lives with her husband and her triplet children, now aged three. He described it as a ‘foolish endeavour’ to ‘relive’ some of her past experiences in her native New York.
The court heard last Wednesday that Ms O’Malley’s relationship with her husband’s parents had broken down because of this case. The first they knew of it was when it appeared in the local papers, Mr Walsh said.
He said Ms O’Malley was very remorseful and would not be back before the court again. He said that she had a degree in Art and her husband currently is studying Quantity Surveying in Galway. The court heard that O’Malley had been ‘very distressed’ during the first meeting with the Probation Services.
Judge Mary Devins said a drugs conviction would have severe implications for Ms O’Malley, if she ever wants to visit her native USA. She dismissed the charge under the Probation Act on the basis that O’Malley pay €250 to Mayo Mountain Rescue.