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Achill to host Kite Surfing World Cup

Achill to host Kite Surfing World Cup in October

Anton McNulty

The world’s greatest professional kitesurfers are to descend on Achill for ten days in October to take part in the prestigious Kite Surf Pro (KSP) World Cup which will be hosted on the island.
The competition in Achill will be one of only four venues which has been chosen as part of the 2012 World Championship Kitesurfing Tour schedule - the other three venues are in Portugal, Mauritius and Hawaii.
The competition will attract the world’s top 35 kitesurfers as they battle to be crowned the 2012 World Kitesurfing Champion.
Francois Colussi of Pure Magic Kitesurfing which will be the hosts on Achill told The Mayo News that this was a huge event for the sport and one of the biggest competitions in the season’s calendar.
“This is huge for kitesurfing in Ireland to host an event which only takes place in four other spots around the world and to be chosen is amazing. This will bring the best riders from all over the world to Achill for the competition which lasts for ten days. The best stars and legends of kitesurfing will be taking part and it is very exciting. I nearly fainted when I was told the news on Friday,” he explained.
The west of Ireland was chosen by the KSP to host a tour event and Achill beat off competition from Kerry and other venues along the west coast to host the event which takes place from October 19 to 28.
French national, Francois Colussi opened Pure Magic in Achill in 2010 and runs and kite surfing school and lodge on the island and since has hosted a number of competitions. He believes that Achill provides the best conditions for kite surfing and a number of top riders have visited the island as a result.
Francois explained the competition will be watched by kitesurfers throughout the world and believes it will put Achill on the kite surfing map and attract more visitors to the island.
One person who visited the island was Kristin Boese, the KSP President and one of the driving forces behind the KSP World Tour. Francois explained that she enjoyed her stay in Achill and believes it was one of the main reasons behind the tour coming to the island.
As well as the top riders coming to Achill, Francois expects the tour to attract a number of spectators and enthusiasts from the US and Europe to attend as well as a number of television crews who will be covering the event. The competition will also be streamed live on the KSP website.

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