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Henaghan continues fine family tradition

Henaghan continues fine family tradition


Edwin McGreal

The new Mayor of Castlebar, Cllr Brendan Henaghan, is following in his late father’s footsteps after he was elected Mayor of Castlebar for the second time last Thursday at the Castlebar Town Council AGM.
His father, John, was also Mayor of Castlebar on two occasions and was the first man to wear the chain of office which outgoing Mayor Eugene McCormack passed onto Cllr Henaghan at Marsh House this week.
Proposing him, Cllr Ger Deere told the meeting how Cllr Henaghan’s father was first elected in 1967 when his election literature said ‘vote for John Henaghan for unity, action and loyalty’ which he said was very apt in Brendan’s case.
“He has instilled unity wherever he went, is a man of action, always willing to get his hands dirty and do the work that is needed and as a party colleague, friend and fellow councillor I don’t think you’ll get anyone more loyal than Brendan Henaghan, a truly loyal Castlebar man,” said Cllr Deere.
Cllr Noreen Heston said ‘people are at the heart of every representation Brendan makes’ and said his ability to defuse difficult situations will stand him in good stead for the year ahead.
Cllr Henaghan said it was a huge honour to be elected and that he was ‘very humbled’ to be following in his father’s footsteps for a second time’ but said things had changed for the worse since he was last Mayor six years previously.
He outlined plans for a jobs promotion initiative later in the year, saying that ‘a strong and vibrant Castlebar is important for the whole county’.
He said that his labour of love for the year would be improvements to the old Catholic and Church of Ireland cemeteries in the town which, he said, ‘are in pretty bad nick’. He hopes to call a public meeting to kick-start this project.
Cllr Henaghan’s wife Trish and eldest son Tom (8) were in attendance while their twin sons John and Colm were at home. Tom confirmed to the meeting that it’s his dream to be Mayor of Castlebar. We’re not sure if the meeting he watched dissuaded him.
Cllr Henaghan said he had grown up in politics himself, listening to his father in their shop on Ellison Street discussing council matters with fellow councillors such as Brendan Henaghan’s own council colleague Frank Durcan, adding his father would be delighted Cllr Durcan was present on the night.
Cllr Durcan said that if Brendan Henaghan does ‘half as good a job as your father did, you’ll be doing a great job’.  
Proposing Cllr Noreen Heston as Deputy Mayor, Cllr Eugene McCormack said she was ‘one of the hardest-working councillors, especially when it comes to dealing with residents’ associations’.

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