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Concerns raised over Westport roundabout location

Family raise concerns over proposed Westport roundabout

Michael Duffy

WESTPORT Town Council last week signed off on a proposed variation of the Westport Town and Environs Development Plan which will allow for a change to the proposed route of a relief road around the town. The changes to the route were necessary to allow Allergan Pharmaceuticals access to lands which they have taken over from the IDA to expand their facility in Westport. The proposed townlands effected by the route change are Attireesh, Carrowbeg, Deerpark East, Drummindoo, Gortaroe, Knockranny and Monamore.
A total of nine submissions had come before the councillors during public consultation and the councillors expressed most concern in relation to the submission made by Martin and Liz Gillens’, who objected to the proposed roundabout at Attireesh which will link the N5 and the N59. The proposed roundabout will be located adjacent to the Gillens’ home which they feel will have significant adverse affected on them and their property. The Gillens requested that alternatives might be considered.
A number of councillors raised the Gillens’ submission but the Town Manager said the reality of the situation as it stands was that the family concerned would have other forums to address their concerns in the future. The concerns could not be addressed during this proposed variation of the relief road.
“The 2009 Development Plan went through statutory process and every citizen was given the opportunity to examine the plans and make submissions, the council did everything required of it,” said Mr Keating.
Cllr Margaret Adams said she was aware of this situation as the Gillen family had been out of the country during the period when submissions originally should have been made in relation to this roundabout back in 2009. However, the Gillens were in the process of appealing the original plan and they hoped to have a decision with regard to this in a number of weeks. Cllr Adams then proposed the variation to allow the road to access the new Allergan lands and the variation was eventually seconded by Cllr Tereasa Maguire.
Mr Padraig Hyland of the Council’s Road Design Office confirmed that no planning permission was in place for the road as proposed and the Gillen family could raise their objections even at that stage when An Bord Pleanála would then adjudicate on the final proposal.

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