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Judge saddened by Westport’s drug issue

Judge saddened by Westport’s drug issue

16 year-olds have access to drugs that makes them attack gardaí

A Judge has said it is sad that a town like Westport has a drug issue where 16 year-olds have access to drugs that makes them attack gardaí.
Judge Conal Gibbons made his comments at last week’s sitting of Westport Children’s Court where a 16-year-old youth appear charged with the possession of the drug PVP on March 29 at the Quay, Westport. The court heard PVP was an amphetamine powder and a new drug on the market.
The male pleaded guilty to the offence and also faces charges of assault causing harm and assaulting a garda. His solicitor told the court that he committed the offences during a difficult period in his life when he was taking a combination of Valium and cannabis. He added that his client was otherwise a respectable young man.
Judge Gibbons described the youth as being only ‘slightly higher than knee high to a grasshopper’ and commented that something was wrong when he assaulted a garda.
The court heard the youth was in Youth Reach and planned to sit his Leaving Cert. He was described as a ‘bright young man’ who was ‘more than capable’ of sitting his Leaving.
Judge Gibbons added that while he might be being ‘naïve’, he found it sad that there was a drug issue in a town on the periphery of the west of Ireland. He also said he had never heard of PVP before.
The youth said that he too never heard of it before and added the alcohol was a major problem for him, but that he was in control of it.
Judge Gibbons said he felt Judge Mary Devins would be more appropriate to deal with the case and adjourned sentencing until October 11. He remanded the youth on bail and ordered that he stay away from alcohol and drugs.