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Mayo votes Yes, but SF highlights significant No turnout

Mayo votes Yes but ‘economic crisis’ not over

Áine Ryan


ALMOST 70 per cent of Mayo voters gave a resounding Yes to last week’s referendum on the Stability Treaty but a Sinn Féin county councillor has warned  the economic crisis is far from over. Minister of State Michael Ring said this ‘positive vote was the right move for Ireland as the country continues on its road to recovery’. However, he was realistic about the continued grim realities facing citizens of the EU.
Speaking last Friday, he said: “Today’s result is not going to solve all of our problems, but it will send out a crucial message to job-creating investors who are thinking about coming here. We have proven that we are a country determined to get our financial affairs in order, while staying at the centre of the Eurozone.”
He continued: “The Yes vote will also ensure we have access to Europe’s new permanent emergency fund, should we need it. This will act as an important insurance policy as we aim to re-enter the money markets next year. Those who were opposing this Treaty consistently failed to explain where this money would come from.”
He cited the fact that there had been a particularly strong vote in Mayo (68 per cent), the constituency of the Taoiseach and noted there was also a strong Yes vote (70 per cent) in Dublin South East, the constituency of Minister for European Affairs, Lucinda Creighton.
Speaking to The Mayo News yesterday, Sinn Féin Cllr Rose Conway-Walsh said ‘obviously Sinn Féin was disappointed with the outcome’ but accepted the decision of the people.
“But there is a lot more to be analysed in these figures. Forty per cent of voters said No showing there are still significant concerns about our loss of sovereignty and what that will mean down the road. The collapse of the Labour Party vote in certain Dublin constituencies, along with the reality that a large proportion of voters who did not turn would have voted No is worth examining,” Cllr Conway-Walsh said.
“It is important to remember that the people who voted Yes were made certain promises but looking at the collapsing banking situation in Spain and Portugal today, it is clear the crisis is far from over. Put that with the fact that we are still facing a €3.5 billion cut in the next budget and we have nothing to celebrate,” Cllr Conway Walsh added.     
Responding to the vote, Ballina’s Fine Gael TD, Michelle Mulherin said: “The Yes vote is a very positive move for Ireland on a number of fronts. We are sending out a strong message to international investors that Ireland is a great place in which to invest and create jobs. There have been thousands of jobs created by foreign companies here since the beginning of the year. I believe today’s result will help us maintain this stream of investment.”

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