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Greenway by-laws to ban busking

Greenway by-laws to ban busking

Anton McNulty


Persons caught busking or selling merchandise along the Great Western Greenway face the risk of a fine following the introduction of new by-laws for the amenity track.
The new draft by-laws have been circulated to county councillors for approval and are expected to be ratified later in the year. The draft by-laws for the management of the Greenway outlines what can and cannot take place along the 42 km route from Westport to Achill.
Any person who breaches a provision of the by-laws will be liable to an on-the-spot fine of €63.49, or to a fine not exceeding €1,904.61 on conviction.
Along with general anti-social behaviour and criminal damage to structures along the Greenway, other prohibited acts include the ‘sale, hire, expose, offer for sale of any vehicle, boat conveyance, chair, commodity or thing whatsoever’.
Persons are also prohibited from exhibiting any advertising board, placard, wares, merchandise or for gain play a musical instrument or sing. However, theses activities may be allowed in certain circumstance if a permit is obtained from Mayo County Council.
The riding of horses along the Greenway requires a permit and they must be under control at all times. Caravans, tents, temporary or mobile structures are also prohibited from being placed along the Greenway at any time.
Mechanically-propelled vehicles are also prohibited along the Greenway excepts in instances where owners or occupiers of land adjoining the Greenway have long-established rights of access and the provision will not affect them.
Persons will also not be allowed to make any film or movie or carry out photographic shoots on a commercial basis without the consent of the Council.
With regards the granting of permissions for such activities, Mayo County Council stated that they are favourably disposed to the development of Agri-tourism products/activities within communities along the Greenway and will facilitate, whenever possible, their promotion in conjunction with the Greenway.

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