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Ballinrobe praised as a model for community intervention

Ballinrobe praised as a model for community intervention

The community of Ballinrobe has been praised by a district court judge for its proactive approach to crime prevention.
Judge Mary Devins commended Ballinrobe’s community-based CCTV facility while hearing a case last week where a man was successfully prosecuted as a result of CCTV footage.
Edward Coyne (27) of Lough Mask Road, Ballinrobe, appeared before Judge Devins after gardaí observed him put his fist through the back window of a car parked on Main Street in Ballinrobe. He was also in court for public-order charges on another date.
Inspector Joe Doherty told the court that at 2am on the morning of July 17 last, Coyne was observed walking past the car, which belongs to a Ms Maura Doherty, and breaking the rear window with his fist, causing €248 worth of damage.
Coyne was also prosecuted for a public-order breach after gardaí observed him shouting at people going into a night club in Ballinrobe at 1.40am on August 28. Coyne had also refused to leave when directed to do so by Gardaí.
Judge Mary Devins praised the CCTV system, saying that this case may not have been prosecuted if it was not for the facility.
Inspector Joe Doherty said he wanted to take the opportunity to ‘commend the community of Ballinrobe’ for its proactive approach, adding that the CCTV system is a deterrent to crime and that he would recommend that every town in the country have a similar system in place.
The court heard that Coyne had 19 previous convictions, stretching back to 2003.Judge Devins adjourned the matters to June 22 for the preparation of a Community Service assessment, adding that if found suitable Coyne would be sentenced to 200 hours of community service in lieu of six months in prison. She also ordered that full compensation for Ms Doherty be available on that date.