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Charlestown brothers record Euro 2012 video

Enda Casey, Anto Mulligan and Ollie Conway are singing their way to the Euros.
Enda Casey, Anto Mulligan and Ollie Conway are singing their way to the Euros.

Charlestown brothers record Euro 2012 video

Edwin McGreal

Better known they may be for their exploits on the football field, but Charlestown brothers Alan and Anthony Mulligan are beginning to make quite a name for themselves in songwriting and filmmaking.
The brothers have just released a catchy song ahead of Ireland’s Euro 2012 campaign which has been a big success on iTunes and on YouTube.
The song ‘It’s Our Time’ was written by the talented brothers and performed by The Sneaky Ones band. The comedy video for the song, which has had over 15,000 hits on YouTube already, sees Anto Mulligan in the starring role with his Charlestown football teammates Ollie Conway and Enda Casey playing accompanying roles. It was created by Alan and Anto Mulligan and the humour of it has been the talk of Charlestown and beyond.

“We wrote the song three weeks ago - myself and Anto,” Alan Mulligan told The Mayo News. “We’d been trying to write something for the Euros for about two months and couldn’t get anything catchy. Then Anto rang me and sang the ‘It’s Our Time’ beat down the phone and I thought it was brilliant. We didn’t want it write it like a football song, we wanted it to stand alone as a single too,” he said.
“We said then we’d do a video and we decided on the idea of lads going off in the camper van and Anto came up with the idea that instead of them going to Poland, why not go to the local pub? So you have them standing outside the camper van looking around after reaching a great destination and then you see that they’re at the pub!
“Enda (Casey) and Ollie (Conway) are great craic and come across very well in the video. When Anto met them at training and said to the boys would they get involved they said ‘no problem’,” explained Alan Mulligan.
And so a revealing Irish tricolour suit is Ollie’s to wear in the video while Enda is seen running from his house in his boxers before tripping over when trying to put on his shorts. As Alan Mulligan admits, there’d be some trouble if he got injured for football performing that fall - he had to do it ten times before Alan was happy with the shot.
“We’re very happy with how it came out, it came out as well as we could have hoped for. Sometimes very good humour doesn’t come across in film but we’re happy it does here and Ollie and Enda, for two lads in front of the camera for the first time, they were amazing,” said Alan.
It’s not their first venture into song-writing and filmmaking and will hardly be their last. Alan (31), who works as an Advisor for Bank of Ireland in College Green in Dublin did a filmmaking course in recent years and himself and Anthony (27), a recently qualified Fitness Instructor, set about recording a number of clips. One short film, I Am Spoon, has appeared in several film festivals around the country while one of the songs they’ve written, ‘Forever Goodbye’ is a moving tribute to their late mother, Bernadette.
They are currently working on a feature film which they hope to shoot next year. Creative forwards the brothers Mulligan are on the football field, it would appear their creativity is finding new levels in front of and behind the camera. 

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