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Man drank 15 pints and 15 double vodkas at concert

Man drank 15 pints and 15 double vodkas at Mike Denver concert

A man charged with being drunk in a public place and obstructing a Garda car in Claremorris had just left a Mike Denver concert where he claimed to have drank 15 pints of Heineken and ‘15 to 17 double vodkas’.
Joseph John O’Flanagan (28) of 18A Cashel Park, Castlerea appeared before Castlebar District Court last week on two public order charges. Garda Michelle Nolan told the court that at 4am on the morning of July 20, 2011, she observed the defendant on the Kilcolman Road, Claremorris, blocking the patrol car’s progress. He refused to move and was intoxicated, she told the court. He had three previous convictions for Public Order offences.
O’Flanagan, representing himself, said he was at a Mike Denver concert in the town and missed his lift home. He told the court he had consumed 15 pints of Heineken and 15 to 17 double vodkas on the night.
“You sound like you are preparing a dissertation on alcohol abuse and it sounds like you are mildly proud of it,” said Judge Mary Devins.
O’Flanagan further added that he had spent €190 on the night but was working at the time. He added that since the recession he had been unable to find work and was now unemployed. Judge Devins said that O’Flanagan needed ‘to learn a lesson’ and enquired if a jail sentence was possible for those offences.
However, upon finding out that there was no provision for jail under the circumstances, she convicted O’Flanagan on both charges and fined him a total of €220.