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Mayo workplace-injury claims among lowest in Ireland

Workplace injuries claims fall in Mayo

Anton McNulty

The rate of workplace injuries claims in Mayo was among the lowest in Ireland with €315,430 awarded in respect of ten claims in 2011.
Mayo was listed among the bottom five of counties for workplace accidents per head of population following a review of workplace accidents in 2011 compiled by InjuriesBoard.ie. The review found that compared to 2010, the number of awards for personal injury workplace claims fell from 18 to ten and the amount paid out to claimants fell from €705,401 to €315,430.
The average payout to claimants in Mayo in 2011 was €31,543 compared to €39,189 in 2010.
InjuriesBoard.ie is an independent statutory body, which assesses the amount of compensation due to a person who has suffered a personal injury. They found that the decrease in the number of claims for workplace accidents in 2011 reflected the reduced numbers in employment during the period.
It also found that Thursday is deemed the most dangerous day for workplace injuries while Sunday is considered the safest day.

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