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Newport man charged with assault

Newport man charged with assault

A Mayo man charged with assault did not have further charges made against him when the man he hit died the next day.
Gus Sweeney of 1 Oak Park, Newport, was arrested on April 9 this year in relation to an alleged Section 3 Assault (assault causing harm) on Breffni O’Rourke last year. Mr O’Rourke was allegedly struck on the jaw in an incident in Castlebar. He appeared before Judge Mary Devins at Castlebar District Court last Wednesday.
Superintendent JJ Keane said that Mr O’Rourke was found dead in his house the following day. However, the autopsy into his death ruled that it was not a consequence of any alleged assault by Mr Sweeney and that Mr O’Rourke had died from a brain hemorrhage.
In response to questions from Judge Devins, Superintendent JJ Keane told the court that Mr O’Rourke was initially unresponsive after the alleged assault and had bruising and swelling on his top lip and bruising on his right side. He had been admitted to hospital before being released.
Initially Judge Devins refused jurisdiction on the case, but following an application from state solicitor William Deane, she agreed to an adjournment until June 20.