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Castlebar women jailed for stealing from beauty salon

Castlebar women jailed after stealing from beauty salon

A district court judge jailed two Castlebar women after they stole €310 from a Castlebar beauty salon in an ‘attempt to protect society’.
Judge Mary Devins sentenced Tina and Ann McDonagh to nine months and six months respectively after they pleaded guilty to stealing €310 from Blanka Beauty Salon on June 7, 2011.
Ann McDonagh, of 27, Castlegrove, Castlebar had five previous convictions, including some for theft. Her solicitor, Gary Mulchrone, said that Ann McDonagh has a young family and is pregnant and knows that her life of crime isn’t suitable for family life and she is ‘committed to changing her ways’.
He added by way of mitigation that she was the victim of domestic violence and at the time of the incident she had no money as her co-habitee was controlling all the money that came into the house.
Tina McDonagh of 2, Castlegrove, Castlebar had ten previous convictions but Mr Mulchrone said she realises she can’t continue to break the law. He added that she was also the victim of domestic violence and, having two young children, was ‘anxious’ to avoid a custodial stence.
However, sending both women to jail, Judge Mary Devins said that neither individual has a ‘right’ to steal from innocent members of society and while the amount stolen here wasn’t huge, she said the sentences she was imposing were in an attempt to protect society for whatever length the sentence the Prison Services ‘see fit’ to detain the two women.
She added that the sentences were also a deterrent against future crime. She sentenced Tina McDonagh to nine months in jail, suspending the final three months and sentenced Ann McDonagh to six months in jail, also suspending the final three months. Both were suspended on the basis of being of good behaviour for twelve months post-release.
Recognances were fixed in the event of an appeal.