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Castlebar man defends girlfriend’s honour after ‘lewd’ texts

Man defends girlfriend’s honour

A Castlebar man confronted the proprietor of a café in the town after he had sent ‘lewd’ and ‘suggestive’ texts to his girlfriend.
Stephen Masterson of St Joseph’s Terrace, Station Road, Castlebar was before Castlebar District Court charged with criminal damage at the Water Lily Cafe in the Humbert Mall, Castlebar after his girlfriend had applied for a job there.
Tom Walsh, solicitor for Masterson, said the texts spoke about a massage ‘in a lewd way’ and that Masterson went to confront Ahmed to ‘defend the honour’ of his girlfriend.
After a confrontation, CCTV footage showed Mr Masterson being shown from the premises, at which stage he kicked out and broke a glass panel in the door, causing damage of €68.40. Mr Walsh told the court that compensation had been paid to the owner of the property, Mr Jimmy Burke. Judge Mary Devins dismissed the charges under the Probation Act.