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Man drank poitín meant for sick dog

Man was ‘sick as a dog’ after drinking poitín

A Crossmolina man was rushed to Mayo General Hospital after he drank some poitín which was meant for a sick dog last week’s sitting of Castlebar District Court heard.
Alan Traynor of 32 Abbey Town, Crossmolina appeared before the court after he was arrested for intoxication in a public place and threatening and abusive behaviour in the A&E Department of Mayo General Hospital on April 2.
He told the court he drank the illegal alcohol in his home in Crossmolina and told the court he could not remember anything after drinking it. He was transferred to Mayo General Hospital but the ambulance personnel would only bring him if they were accompanied by four gardaí for safety reasons.
Garda Ciaran Brett told the court that he was called to the A&E Department of the hospital at 3.15am after staff reported a difficulty with a patient. Garda Brett said Mr Traynor was highly intoxicated and when he was dealing with him, the defendant said, ‘you’ll be sorry, you’ll regret this, I promise you’.
Mr Traynor said he was ‘totally ashamed’ of what happened and explained that he did not know it was poitín he was drinking at the time as it was in a clear bottle.
“I didn’t know what I was drinking at the time. I was brought by two ambulance men but I don’t remember anything after that. It is a blank,” he told the court.
He explained he later discovered the drink was for a sick dog and when he was asked by Judge Mary Devins if he rubbed it into the dog, he replied ‘The dog wasn’t drunk, he doesn’t drink it’.
The matter was met with laughter in the court and defending solicitor Peter Loftus said his client had a serious reaction to the poitín.
Garda Brett told the court that after the incident the defendant was co-operative and was not aggressive to the gardaí. He said he apologised when he was sober and added that that does not always happen.
Judge Devins said if Mr Traynor wrote a letter to the A&E staff apologising to the hospital staff and donated €300 to the Ann Sullivan Centre for the Deaf and Blind she would give him the benefit of the Probation Act.