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No clean getaway in power-washer theft

No clean getaway in power-washer theft

A Ballina man who was found with a stolen power washer valued at €660 at Back Lane, Lord Edward Street, Ballina, will be ordered to complete 100 hours of community service, if he is deemed suitable, in lieu of three-months imprisonment.
Bill Cawley of 20 Lord Edward Street, Ballina, was seen handling the stolen property by Garda Michael Flaherty at 2.30am on October 22 last, soon after the same power washer was stolen from the Connacht Gold DIY and Garden Centre in Ballina.
Cawley a 29-year-old unemployed labourer and father of three denied any part in the Connacht Gold burglary.
Connacht Gold store manager Stuart Morris identified the power washer in Cawley’s possession as being the same one which had been stolen between 6pm on October 21 and 2.30am on October 22.
Mr Cawley insisted he had nothing to do with the burglary and that he had been out late at night and was walking home via Back Lane when he saw the power washer at the side of the lane way. Presiding Judge Mary Devins responded bemusedly, “Are you telling me that with a straight face?”
Judge Devins decided to impose 100 hours community service on Cawley, if he is deemed suitable, in lieu of three months imprisonment.
She asked for a community assessment to be carried out on the defendant and adjourned the case until May 8 next.