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Ballina man told gardaí to ‘eat my sh**e’

Ballina man told gardaí to ‘eat my sh**e’

A TWENTY-two-year-old Ballina man told gardaí to ‘eat my sh**e’ after he was arrested for dangerous and drink driving last August.
Michael Culkin of Carracastle, Ballina appeared before last week’s sitting of Ballina District Court charged with dangerous driving, drink driving and possession of cannabis. He pleaded guilty to the possession of cannabis but pleaded not guilty to dangerous and drink driving.
Garda Michael Flaherty gave evidence that when Mr Culkin was arrested and brought back to the garda station, he told gardaí to ‘eat my sh**e’ when he was asked to sign a form.
The court heard that on August 21, 2011 at 8.44pm, Garda Flaherty saw a Honda Civic driving at speed along the Killala Road and reached speeds of 120 kph. The car also swerved right without indicating and entered the Rockwell Estate by cutting the entrance on the wrong side.
Mr Culkin stopped the car in the estate and told the gardaí that he panicked when he saw the gardaí. While talking to Mr Culkin, Garda Flaherty got the smell of alcohol from his breath and arrested him for drink driving.
When he was brought back to the garda station he was searched and they found a small amount of cannabis herb which was worth €9.28.
He was tested for alcohol by blowing into the intoxilyzer machine which gave a reading of 72 microgrammes of alcohol per 100ml of breath. When Mr Culkin was asked to sign the statement indicating the test results, he told the gardaí to ‘eat my sh**e’ but later changed his mind and signed.
Mr Culkin told the court that the car did not belong to him and he was returning from the shops when he was stopped. He denied he was driving at high speed but admitted picking up a bit of speed when he saw the gardaí. He said there was no traffic on the road and said he only cut the corner by a small bit.
When questioned by Superintendent Pat McHugh he admitted he panicked a small bit because he had drink taken. The court heard he had no previous convictions.
Judge Mary Devins found him guilty on both counts and disqualified him from driving for three years for drink driving and fined him €600. She took the charge of dangerous driving into consideration and fined him €60 for the possession of cannabis.