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Achill-henge targetted by graffiti

Vandals have targetted Achill-henge.
Vandals have targetted Achill-henge.

McNamara’s controversial Achill-henge targetted by graffiti ‘artists’

Edwin McGreal

The controversial Achill-henge development has been daubed with graffiti in recent weeks.
The Stonehenge-esque development on a hilltop in Pollagh has been before the courts ever since it was constructed, without planning permission, over a weekend in late November last year.
The man behind the project is controversial property developer Joe McNamara. Mayo County Council took a High Court enforcement order against McNamara to cease work on Achill-henge at the time and the High Court proceedings are still ongoing.
The council have since applied for McNamara to take the structure down while McNamara himself has appealed to An Bord Pleanála the council’s refusal to rule that the structure is exempt from planning permission.
The High Court matter is due to recommence tomorrow, Wednesday, February 29.
While the structure has remained untouched by McNamara or the council since McNamara completed the outer circle of concrete columns on Sunday, November 27 last, the site has become a target for graffiti.
A number of images and words have been daubed on the inside of the columns in a mixture of paint, marker and mud.

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