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Ballina builders ordered to complete estate

Ballina builders told to complete housing estate – no excuses

A Ballina building firm has been given until April 26 to show that it has completed, or is in the process of completing, work on a housing estate. Judge Raymond Groarke also told the builders that he didn’t want to hear any excuses.
Ballina Town Council brought injunction proceedings against Bourke Builders in a bid to force the firm to complete The Glebe housing estate in accordance with the planning conditions.  The council will take over the estate once it is complete.
Mr Eoin Garavan, counsel for the town council, explained that the remaining work centred around the surfacing of the road, as well as the building of a wall by the River Moy. Mr Garavan added that three houses were on the open market and that it had been explained that funds from their sale would be used to finish off the estate.
Judge Groarke asked the council engineer and the builders to return to the estate and agree on what work needed to be completed before the council could take the estate over. When they returned Mr Garavan said they had agreed on five items which will cost €150,000.
Mr Michael Bohan, solicitor for Bourke Builders, said four of the items were easy to complete but there were concerns regarding the surfacing of the road. He said that his clients were concerned if the council found fault with the sewerage, the resurfaced road would have to be dug up.
Mr Joseph Bourke, who acts as a technical engineer with Bourke Builders said they would like assurances that the town council is happy with the sewerage before the final surface was laid on the road. He told Judge Groarke that the three houses were 95 per cent complete and would be fully complete in three months.
Judge Groarke said this was a highly unsatisfactory situation for the residents and that he could understand why they would be up in arms. He said the option of sending someone to prison over the matter was attractive, but he wanted the work done.
He adjourned the case until April 26, stating that he wanted to see four of the five items and the three houses fully completed by that date.