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Stephanites Shave and Dye raises €5,000 for Irish Cancer Society

Stephenites get new look and raise €5,000 for Irish Cancer Society

Trevor Quinn

A group of Ballina Stephenites GAA players, members and their families went to great lengths to support the 2012 Today FM Shave or Dye annual charity drive for the Irish Cancer Society on Friday evening and raised more than €5,000 in the process.
Just a few years ago Mayo midfielder and Stephenites stalwart Ronan McGarrity had his own brush with testicular cancer, and he was one of more than 30 club members to get in to the spirit of the occasion for the charitable cause.
McGarrity also received plenty of attention from attendees when he sported a Mohican haircut. Speaking about the event which attracted more than 125 people to the Stephenites Clubhouse selector Shane McCann said, “Ronan had his own touch of cancer a few years ago so it was great to see him get in to the spirit of things.“
Willie Brady, father of Liam, Ger and former Mayo star David auctioned off his hair raising an impressive €630, while former manager John Healy also took the plunge with his haircut raising in excess of €1,000.
McCann continued, “When you saw John and Willie getting it done, who had been warned not to do anything with their hair by their respective better halves, it really emphasised the spirit of the occasion. The atmosphere really was fantastic.”
A total of 22 players had their hair shaved or dyed by local barber Ciaran O’Rourke, who runs a popular barber shop on Market Square. O’Rourke said there was no shortage of willing volunteers eager to support a great cause and get a new sleek look ahead of the new football season. McCann concluded by stating that there was undoubtedly a number of girlfriends and wives who were a little underwhelmed by some of the new haircuts and appearances, but then again it was all for a good cause.

Anybody who wishes to support the event can donate online at www.mycharity.ie/event/ballina_stephenites_shaveordye

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