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Castlebar dogs poo-pooed

Castlebar dogs poo-pooed

Edwin McGreal

Dog owners in Castlebar need to take responsibility for their dogs, which are defecating all over Castlebar’s streets and footpaths. That was the view of local town councillors at last Thursday’s meeting of Castlebar Town Council.
The meeting was told that dogs were out of control and that the amount of excrement left on Castlebar streets and walks was a public health matter.
Cllr Harry Barrett raised the matter, urging the council to erect signs to tell dog owners to control their animals. He argued that the problem had become much worse, and claimed that increased unemployment and greater use of town walkways were some of the main reasons.
“If you walk from Pontoon Road into town, towards any school, the problem is diabolical. If the council won’t erect signs, I’ll do it myself,” he said.
Cllr Frank Durcan pointed out that it was a regular occurrence for people to arrive at the car-park at Lough Lannagh and let out ‘three or four dogs’.

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